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DynaGroup is the manufacturer of an innovative range of fencing and landscaping products.

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DynaGroup is a 100% Australian-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of innovative timber fencing and
landscaping products. We are the vital part in the supply chain: transforming sustainable and renewable
plantation timber into affordable, durable outdoor products. Read more…

Wood is a natural part of the environment and lends to a beautiful aesthetic no mater the application around your home and property. That is why timber and wood fencing has long been a popular choice for domestic and commercial application and is a preferred material for many landscape purposes.

There are endless uses for timber fencing and a wide variety of timber fencing types, from the traditional timber front fence, good neighbour timber fencing or a safe and stylish timber pool fence, we pride ourselves on building a timber fence that suits your need, style and space.

Vertical timber fences are often thought of as just a basic timber paling fence or timber slat fence with hardwood fence rails, and for some of our customers that it all they want, but for many people, especially where space is confirmed, the boarder of your property or back yard needs to not only be functional but aesthetically pleasing.

That is why whether we are building a timber front fence, timber side fence, back timber fence or timber feature divide fence we make sure that there is careful consideration to the design and aesthetic look from the timber fence rails to the timber post caps.

We also provide a range of timber options so that you can choose the right timber for your space, style and budget. Whether you prefer the style of a merbau fence, a white timber fence, hardwood fence, custom timber, treated pine fence or a more modern timber fence, the options are endless.

We provide timber fencing price per metre, and the timber fence price can vary depending on the wood selection, size of the fence and design of the fence.

Timber fencing is not only versatile and adds the beauty of nature to our property, but it is also cost effective, easy to install and easy to repair. It also can create an extra level of security and peace of mind that intruders are kept out and your little ones are kept safe inside.

At DynaGroup, we are passionate about the environment and using sustainable products. We source our timber from pine plantations that have PEFC certification, which means that our timber is sources from forestry planation’s that are controlled and harvested by responsible commercial organisations. ...Hide Content


Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly mainstream building materials used across the world. Naturally, wood stores the carbon that it absorbs from the atmosphere, which helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect.


Dyna Group considers the sustainability of the planet to be more important than any commercial benefit. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s fundamental to the way we do business.

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