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Innovative retaining wall products

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DynaWall™ is a branded range of innovative retaining wall products – the DynaLock™ sleeper, the Chamfered sleeper, and the DynaEdge™ sleeper. It has been created to deliver a choice of premium products to enhance outdoor spaces.

Combine your creativity and ingenuity with our DynaWall™ range, and your retaining wall will be a class above!

Why do contractors and designers love using DynaWall for their clients? Find out about the benefits in our DynaWall video!



Foremost in this range is our DynaLock™ tongue-and-groove ‘interlocking’ sleeper. It is a premium product and has many features and benefits for both trade and DIY users. It will stop the individual sleepers moving out of line with each other, will stop dirt coming out from between the sleepers, and will stop weeds growing between the sleepers. This will ensure that over time, your wall will continue to look a class above.


The DynaEdge™ range is for the more discerning homeowner and contractor that wants something ‘extra’ in their outdoor project. It is distinguished by the ‘arrissed’ edges and comes from a higher grade of feedstock.


In addition, we have introduced a range of ‘Chamfered’ sleepers. These can be used generally as retaining posts and capping and will help set your retaining wall apart.


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