Introducing our new Dyna Group team member, Scott!

Introducing our new DynaGroup team member, Scott!

Scott Willman

We’re very pleased to welcome our new DynaGroup team member, Scott Willman.

Born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, Scott studied commerce and marketing at Canterbury University. 

Early in his career, Scott worked for Johnson & Johnson as an account manager and space management consultant. Scott always had an interest in vehicles/fast cars and ran his own business for four years selling wheels, tyres and performance accessories. 

After selling that business he went to work for Royal Wolf
Trading – the largest domestic shipping container hire company in Australia and New Zealand. Scott had three years as the South Island Manager in NZ before moving to Darwin to take control of the Northern Territory business. During his eight years as State Manager in NT, Scott won many supply contracts for shipping containers to the $35billion Inpex LNG gas plant that was being built in Darwin. 

Scott moved from Darwin to Brisbane in 2018 to take up a role as National Expansion Manager and then National Manager for Building and Construction supplying containerised site offices and amenities to Tier 1&2 construction companies across Australia.

Leading the family business, Dyna Group brothers Nathan and Karl Baker couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Scott to the team. 

“After a year of significant growth – even with the challenges that 2020 has thrown at everyone – we were thrilled to bring Scott on board to give us some capacity and help bring the business to the next level,” says Karl. 

Scott adds “It’s been great to learn a new industry, and also to bring some new ideas and perspectives from the other industries I’ve worked with that’s translated across well. What I’ve enjoyed most so far is the amount of innovation and appetite for growth that Dyna Group has, while at the same time being part of a long time family business and the values and camaraderie that goes along with that.”   

In his spare time, Scott likes to play cricket and golf, and go to the gym. He’s always been a keen investor, and has recently begun learning about cryptocurrency and exploring the opportunities in this new space. 

Scott also enjoys socialising with friends and exploring the Brisbane culinary scene, and is known to be partial to a nightcap at a good whisky bar. 

Wonderful to have you join the team, Scott! 

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