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150 x 50 Hardwood Sleeper

Quality Hardwood Timber Sleepers

Our hardwood timber sleepers are known for their strength and durability. They make a great wall retainer, feature fence, post, and other heavy construction purposes.

Our hardwood timber sleepers are available in four sizes: 150×50, 200×50, 200×75 and 200×100.  If you’re looking for stunning, strong and long-lasting timber sleepers for your heavy fencing needs, these are the perfect solution.

Product details

 ID  SKU  Name
 936 F150050H4HWD 150 x 50 Hardwood Sleeper
 940 F200050H4HWD 200 x 50 Hardwood Sleeper
 944 F200075H4HWD 200 x 75 Hardwood Sleeper
948 F200100H4HWD 200 x 100 Hardwood Sleeper
Treatment: ACQ H4
Other Treatments: CCA-H4
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